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ITERRA Ink Jet Printer IJ-1800

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ITERRA Ink Jet Printer IJ-1800 (600-0900)

ITERRA Ink Jet Printer IJ-1800

Isys1800 - IJ1800 Ink Jet
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Developed for the the Geophysical and Geological  Industries, the iTerra IJ1800 printer provides an easy to  use, cost effective and productive solution for printing  on-site wide format color well logs and seismic data. The  IJ1800 is a full color wide format printer that prints on  media up to 18” wide. It has continuous plotting ability  and sets the bar for quality and consistency. It is simple  to use and cost effective. The IJ1800 was created  specifically for plotting various widths of color well logs, geological logs and seismic data. The printer can also accommodate other data and file types within Windows applications.

The iTerra IJ1800 enables users to analyze large amounts of data on a wider sized page. Users can conveniently load a standard API page width for printing legacy data. The printer provides continuous non-stop imaging at high utilization rates because manually setting the top of form between plots is not necessary. The iTerra IJ18000 does it for you.                

» continuous wide format color printer
                » print quality and flexibility

» Continuous plotting up to 300 feet using fanfold paper via rear load slot.
» Wide Format, Enhanced Color.
» Multiple Media Widths 9”, 11”, 12”, 14”, 15”, 18”
» Ink cartridge status is displayed on the front panel along with several other functionality display messages.
» Print Speed up to 0.64” per second in best quality.
» Print resolution of 300 x 300 dpi.
» User Friendly Interfacing that includes: Centronics parallel, USB 1.1, USB 2.0 compliant, Network, 10/100 base T.


Paper Width Options
Finally a color printer that takes standard API Well Log paper widths but also allows you to print on media up to 18” wide. You choose! The iTerra IJ1800 accommodates paper widths of 8.75”, 9”, 12”, 14”, 15" and 18”. There are no limitations to report size therefore you can view more data and/or create presentation size reports. You can use standard markers or pens on printouts of iSys qualified paper for the purpose of taking notes.

Ease of Use
The iTerra IJ1800 printer has everything you need to start plotting. It comes standard with three interfaces (10/100 Network, USB or Centronics), four color ink cartridges, a pedestal and a printer driver. Just load the software, add paper and the ink cartridges then send your well log file to the printer. Let the IJ1800 do the rest. You never have to adjust top of form manually and your output will always be in a nice neat stack.

Full Color
The iTerra IJ1800 printer comes standard with four large capacity ink cartridges all monitored through the front panel so you don’t have to guess your ink levels. The black ink cartridge contains 69ml and the three separate color ink cartridges (cyan, magenta and yellow) are 28ml each. When you replace one ink cartridge, you don’t have to replace them all.

Monitor Software
The IJ1800 has monitor software that will test connectivity between the network and the printer, monitor the ink levels as well as the printer status. The software is used for cleaning pens, head alignments as well as media calibration.

Automatic Top of Form
User intervention is minimal. The iSys qualified fanfold paper has a top of form mark that ensures the printer starts each print job at the top of a perforation every time. This enables you to load once and print many.

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